Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Airplane design

When designing the Flying Thing, I did a quick and dirty whip-up of what I thought would fly, hence the name Flying Thing! This is undesirable, and you don't need an aeronautical engineer to spell looming doom somewhere along the corner!

My next design is well researched, and I am still in the process of identifying suitable airframe based on the characteristics I seek: Endurance, payload, service, speed, you name it!

Obviously the key is always cost: Keeping it low that is!!

From above you can see (not the clutter I hope!) the Flying Thing's general design, initially had a t-tail. This is the conventional tail most aircraft have, though of late I've come to realise there's nothing conventional where aircraft are concerned!

I've now fitted the flying thing with a v-tail, after a crash left the t-tail smashed and badly damaged!

Now you can see clearing I was following no design, just experimenting! You will have a lot more fun if you just have it without formalising your fun! Of course observe general laws of physics where you fun's concerned!

Have a safe flight!

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