Thursday, 9 June 2011

Clutter or research? You decide!

I'm still battling with making a good Electronic Speed Control for my three brushless motors! My main issue is the transistors I am using, and my microcontroller! I am using a good trusty and reliable MSP 430 LaunchPad I got from Dan, who also gave me the three brushless motors as well as other goodies! So the micro-controller is a low power device (good for battery life, hard for switching power transistors), and I therefore need a pull-up transistor... So ....

I am using as usual the power supply from an old computer, and some power transistors. I am using a smaller 2N5551 trusty transistor to pull up the 3V source from the MSP430 to 12V for the power TIP142 transistors (feel free to stop me anytime, I'm a novice at electronics!)

In the picture you can also see one of the brushless motors!

Through this research, I am learning a lot of lessons in electronics and how better I can integrate my lessons to the Flying Thing! Eventually I will get an ESC for my purpose, but there are no lessons learnt from getting one right away! Not to mention the cost of acquiring one!

More clutter later!

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